Grobe zusammenfassung der gestrigen AMA´s10

      Grobe zusammenfassung der gestrigen AMA´s10

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      wieder brutal viele news^^...Die beta heisst jetzt wohl "Demo"

      MW5 Morning AMA notes:

      3 Announcements

      - Demo moved back to 26-Nov. Reason is to tie in to marketing for official launch. No NDAs needed

      - Possible MechLab change: allow smaller weapons to fit into larger weapon hardpoints

      - Dec party, more like Steam kickoff event than MechCon

      Other notes

      - Committed to 10-Dec launch

      - Marketing will start late Oct

      - < 20% of pre-Epic announcement pre-orders asked for refunds

      - Ray tracing only in hangar

      - Modding AMA in future

      - Two game play trailers and MechLab trailers in Nov

      MW5 Evening AMA notes:

      Other notes

      - MW5 allows for full access to Inner Sphere (more than HBS BT). However, there are shorter cinematics.

      - MW5 plays slower than MWO

      - MW5 has a free camera. Russ does not know if it will be available for 26-Nov demo

      - Co-op players within the host's
      campaign can only pilot 'mechs in host's stable; no re-configuring. No
      such rules if playing instant action

      - Some of the AI pilots you could recruit have lower max trainable abilites than others

      - MW5 has ~ 50 'mech chassis; ~ 200 'mechs total

      - Campaign starts in Davion space

      - AI pilots will not complete
      mission if player dies. Co-op plays could - There is night vision, but
      not thermal vision (just didn't look good)
      so blöde wie ich es brauche könnt ihr mir alle gar nicht kommen